401k Investment Statistics

On an ongoing basis, PSC "blind samples" live investment and contribution data generated from many thousands of 401k investor accounts. This raw data is analyzed and quantified, and the results posted in this website, in real time. Only blind sampling of data is performed; no personal identities or personal investment selections are accessed or included in the analysis and postings.

As of today Oct 20, 2019, 401k participation and investment totals from across thousands of active 401k investor accounts within the PSC universe of 401k plans indicates the following:

  • The 12-month moving average participant 401k contribution is   $579 per month.
  • The top ten 401k investment categories used today are:
    Self-Directed Brokerage Account   28%
    Large Growth   9%
    Large Blend   8%
    Money Market Fund   6%
    Large Value   5%
    Foreign Large Blend   4%
    Intermediate-Term Bond   3%
    Small Blend   3%
    Mid-Cap Value   3%
    Target Date 2021-2025   2%

From our many years working in the 401k arena, we believe the single most important determinant in a participant's 401k contribution rate (how much they are saving) tends to be the participant's age. Typically, younger 401k participants save less, and older participants save more in their personal 401k accounts. To learn the average contribution rate of people in your relative age group, please register with this website, and we will email the statistics and information to you at no charge.