Pricing for 401k Census

401k Census includes your plan-specific Plan Sponsor Gateway, Plan Participant Gateway, plan-specific documents as well as help, should you need it, with using your online system.

  • The only thing you'll ever pay aside from your annual fee (see below) is your initial 401k plan customization and configuration of your online system to that customized plan: The first year you sign up for 401k Census, you'll pay a one-time $995 setup fee that covers professional customization of your 401k plan as well as of your 401k Census Plan Sponsor Gateway and Participant Gateway to that plan.
  • Again, the customization fee occurs that first year only. From then all, ALL YOU PAY IS YOUR RELEVANT ANNUAL FEE (see below).
  Baseline Retail Price
(20 person plan)
Baseline Retail Price
(100 person plan)
Notes, Additional Fees
401k Census $1,695/yr* $4,545/yr* $995 first-year-only setup fee* Unlimited investment choice (both in terms of absolute number as well as type of investments)
EZ401 $2,520/yr
($1800 annual fee + $36/partic. fee)
($1800 annual fee + $36/partic. fee)
$401 setup fee $125/loan $100/distribution certain investment fees may apply (in addition to any normal asset-based fees) Prepackaged investments only
Fidelity e401k $2,150/yr
($1750 annual fee + $20/partic. fee)
($1750 annual fee + $20/partic. fee)
$750 setup fee $75/loan $25/distribution $1000 plan transfer fee (if applicable) Nondiscrimination testing fee of $0-$1000 (fee contingent upon plan design) Fidelity Funds investments only
Principal ImpactPlus $2,300/yr
($1700 annual fee + $30/partic. fee)
($1700 annual fee + $30/partic. fee)
$500 setup fee $40/loan + $8/quarter paid by participant Principal Funds investments only

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